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  Established in 2013, Shady Grove Farm is a micro-farm of 2.18 acres in Corvallis, Or. We use principles and values associated with Permaculture, focusing on participating creatively on a small parcel of land in a harmonious manner to produce food and fiber for ourselves and others. This is a homestead-styled residence supporting our family and friends of animals and plants. Some of the living things involved in our community are the sheep, goats, chickens, soil microbes, fruit trees, berry plants, veggies, native bees and insects, and beautiful and fragrant flowers and plants.

Our goals are to live equitably together and to support one another as we reach out in the community to help restore the relationship of humans with the Earth. We strive to repair the relationship of settlers with the Native peoples who belong to this land, and to be, as white settlers, complimentary rather than invasive. See our products page for more information about participating in this endeavor with us!  We spin and knit wool, use no chemical applications, collect rainwater for much of our irrigation, and use natural methods of food preservation such as root-cellaring, solar drying, cheese making, and canning.

My background growing up on the farm commune of Springtree in rural Virginia has had a lasting influence on the way I run my life today. I have expanded on this base of knowledge with education such as with the OSU Master Gardener program, OSU Apprentice Beekeeper program, Home Orchard Society seminars and publications, other books, publications, and seminars, and much impetuous and stubborn experimenting. 

We currently offer internships to OSU students or any others interested in any of the multiple facets of homesteading and permaculture techniques as well as philosophies exploring the healing of our relationships with the Earth. Internships can be focused on participants interests, gardening or animal husbandry or art-in-nature such as fiber arts or other mediums of interest.

Some products are available: see Products page and 3 Fates Fibers page and Mini Nubians page for such items.