The bees love the protein supplement. There are still a few going for the chicken food, but not so many. It hasn't even been 60 degrees and they are coming out in droves for it. Mainly from Dusk, the colony Karessa helped me make. We used bees from mostly Night, and some from Day, and a queen from Heike Williams. The queen was mated in the Coast Range, and her bees seem to be more robust, strong for this climate, and possibly more mite resistant. At the rate they are going, I'd better be looking out for a swarm in early spring, or, preferentially, make an early split! In Day, which is the colony with a lot of dead bees in front frequently, the bees are active up in the top, the Vivaldi board, where I have been feeding them sugar. They didn't seem to be coming out the bottom entrance though I have made sure to keep it unblocked by dead bees. I took out the cork from the top hive box, giving them an upper entrance which will also improve their circulation. Night has a lot of moisture in the Vivaldi box, making the sugar wet. Both had dead bees in the top too. which I cleared out.