Happy Holidays!

My picture isn't the greatest, of this potted conifer I have brought in for our Christmas tree. In real life, it is quite a pretty tree and doesn't even drop needles. After Christmas, it goes back onto my deck to live another year. 

Since keeping bees, I have become more aware of the toxins they are exposed to, and the damage this does to the bees. Christmas tree farms use chemicals and they spray them on with helicopters. This causes a lot of "overspray" which gets onto whatever blooming plants are around that the bees are foraging on; here in Oregon, frequently, blackberry. I have learned about some problems beekeepers have near Christmas tree farms. I just think there are better alternatives, and the one I have any control over is having my potted tree year after year. I hope more people consider this option and that the farms are converted to food growing plants--how about hazelnuts?