World's Ugliest Sweet Potatoes!

Who wants to see only the pretty stuff? This Fall I have experienced the repercussions of producing more than one person can handle, despite some wonderful help from my Fall intern, Kylie. She has helped me keep up on making sure the sheep and goat's hooves are trimmed beautifully and their barn cleaned nicely. However, in the garden the growing season never really stopped with the warm wonderfully wet weather. It just brought more green growth, and SLUGS of course. I am eternally behind! I cleared out beds of tomato plants even as they had many more ripening on them: I had freezers full of dried tomatoes and sauce and simply had had enough! 

I grew sweet potatoes for my first time in Oregon. I had some idea that you can leave them in the ground till the first frost, so I just let them be and no frost, no frost, no frost….in the meantime I am busy with all my projects and starting into the fall routines of spinning and spinning and spinning (and knitting). Finally I dug them, knowing waiting till the frost was not wise as its just rain rain rain….here's what I got. All crusty, cracked from all the rain, and chewed on too! I thought it was funny, though a little disappointing, too. Surprisingly, they are nice inside and tasty, too, if you are brave enough to cut into one!