Northeast Wind, Dry and Fierce

Yesterday and today the wind was blowing so fierce. My heart felt sore: afraid, and lonely.

Today, I saw the first ashmead's kernal apple had fallen, golden and warm. I took a slice, from this tree only planted a couple years ago--it was my first taste. OH MY GOD I felt like I never tasted anything so delicious though certainly I have; still, at that moment I felt so.

Here is the poem that has come of it all:

Disconcerting Wind! 

You are

sweeping my ability

to help those I love

out of my control and away, farther, disconnected.

You are blowing my capacities

to nurture, 

to produce, 

into some distant dream. 

You are flailing my confidence, 

my trust, 

and my faith

to scattered bits. 

Then, I am

flying with you

hair going wild, 

voice cackling, screeching, 

soaring wild. 

I gather the bits I still need, 

let the rest blow,