Shady Grove Farm Is Coming Out

No more can I be neutral, do-gooder maybe, but somewhat hidden. It's all or nothing, now, folks. So, here is what I have to say: It's f###ing ugly right now in our Country(world), but IT's NOT NEW! The ugliness is on the surface now, is all. You know what irks me at the moment, folks? What irks me about this is when so many of ya'll cling to self-congratulatory myths of Greatness of this Nation and its foundation. It was founded on the slaughter, murdering, marching, corralling, degrading, culture-breaking ("boarding schools":prison camps imprisoning large proportions of more than an entire generation of children for the crime of being a Native child.) of the millions of the Native inhabitants that were here. Concurrently, it was built by populations in the ranges of 4 millions at a time of African slaves, for over the course of more than 200 years. After slavery, the culture and well being of these peoples and the Natives have been broken and harmed and the wounds not addressed. The government from the beginning was of Patriarchal Domination. The struggles for freedom and justice and rights have been desperate, ugly, hard, and not well liked by establishment, especially when contradictory to its economic interests. Hitler and fascism in Europe was tolerated --and fascist propaganda methods perpetuated (to this day)--: from my studies it looks like he was considered a "lesser evil" to working-class movements and revolutions after WW1. Until Hitler became too big of a threat to world powers and economics, he was tolerated.                                                                                    

Throughout all this time there have been compassionate people, struggling people, helpful people, desperate people, brave truth speakers. They exposed. They contradicted. They hoped. Most just managed to survive, often by going along with the cruelty. Those are most of our Ancestors.

We need to move on as a species, and will not, on the basis of myths any longer. Only on the basis of truth. Painful, real, truth. Why? Because the myth is a coping mechanism we no longer need, it is holding us back. Why? Because the myth is created to make us feel better about ourselves, comforted in our illusions, while we perpetuate the system that destroys, that continues racism, intolerance, injustice, hurting the helpless, destroying Nature and Her creatures.

WAKE UP . GET UNCOMFORTABLE. Yes, it hurts. It's not going to not hurt. I myself, am raw.

I am NOT Proud to be American. I am Thankful to be American. I am Glad to pay my taxes. I am Honored to do my share. I have NO right to anything anyone else does not have a right to. I am Humble to be an Earthling.

I believe throughout all human history, every one of us has Ancestors who were the cruel dominating ones, who were the passive non-resistors, who were the brave compassionate, and all the spectrum in between. Now is the time to choose: which of those Ancestors' spirit/message/guidance do you want to embrace and embody? Which do you want to forgive but NEVER FORGET? Which do you want to understand with the heart that has lived their lives?

"When you've got a dream like mine
Nobody can take you down
When you've got a dream like mine
Nobody can push you around
Today I dream of how it used to be
Things were different before
The picture shifts to how it's going to be
Balance restored
When you know even for a moment
That it's your time
Then you can walk with the power
Of a thousand generations" --Bruce Cockburn

Multi-cultural chickens enjoying a feast together of pill-bugs

Multi-cultural chickens enjoying a feast together of pill-bugs