Restoring the Relationship

Workshop series, beginning June 21, 2018:

Practicing and promoting Collectivism in a Capitalist System: incorporating permaculture/harmony with all life-forms into your daily life. A 5-part workshop series aiming toward Restoring the Relationship of humans with the Earth.
I will be teaching songs, skills, philosophies, and techniques for prioritizing and compromising. We will be exploring topics such as honoring Indigeniety, how to De-Colonize, and how to become more naturalized and beneficial if you are not Indigenous.
Skills included will be: gardening, harvesting, canning, drying, spinning, knitting, felting, cheese making, bread making, other natural cooking, bee gardening and insect promotion, animal care/companionship/communication.
The classes are designed for the adults, but if you want to bring children they are welcome.                                                      Free of charge, honoring gift culture: contributions for materials and sharing of gifts welcome.
Location: Shady Grove Farm Corvallis.
Thursdays from 10am-2 or 3 pm.
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Products And services

Everything pictured is what we have available while supplies last, click on photos below for individual pricing. If you are interested in making a special order please email us

We offer wool processing, spinning, knitting, felting, and dyeing lessons for $30.00/ per lesson. Please visit our 3 Fates Fiber page for more information. 

 Registered Mini Nubian kids, please keep an eye on our Mini Nubian page.

We have fruit and veggies at the Corvallis Saturday Market seasonally, all grown here at Shady Grove Farm using permaculture, by Blackthorn's Bounty.

Internships are available for learning any/all aspects of permaculture and homesteading techniques used here, including cheesemaking, animal husbandry, beekeeping, beneficial insect habitat gardening, and much more.