3 Fates fibers

3 Fates Fibers is the name for our wool products and spinning/knitting lessons here at Shady Grove Farm. The products that are available currently are featured on our products page. What ever aspect of the wool/yarn process you are interested in, Susi can help you learn more about it.  Wool processing is another aspect of the spinning lessons that she offers. This includes washing and carding the wool in preparation for spinning. Susi offers wool dying and felting experiences as well.

Lessons are $30.00 per lesson or for trade or for 3 HOURS, the local currency. For more information, email with any questions. 

Susi also has a spinning group that meets every Wednesday afternoon, if you are interested in joining please email

Ordu looking pretty with Esmie and Seeger

Ordu looking pretty with Esmie and Seeger

Orwen and Ordu, named for 2 of the 3 Fates, are the Cormo sheep that live here at Shady Grove farm. They are two bonded wethers that have become part of the family. Most of our fiber products are made from wool that these two have produced. 

Pictured above is an example of some of our hand spun wool. See products page for more available products. 

Pictured above is some fleece from our resident sheep.